Lima’s Invasion Population

2015-06-14 13.17.06

Lima has a population of 10 million people. A large percentage of this population comes from an invasion of rural citizens that moved to the city for protection during the 1980’s when the drug cartels were out of control and perpetrating violence against the often innocent locals that had the misfortune to get in their […]

Lima Teems with Life

Parque del Amor

Wow, is Lima a busy city!  It is a busy, bustling place filled with traffic congestion problems and what must be the world’s worst drivers.  Honk, honk, beep, beep.  The sounds of the city are nearly constant. Exhaust fumes from the traffic hang heavy in the air.  Fully a third of Peru’s population lives in […]

A Winter Escape to the Caribbean

Fairview Great House

Air travel is often an adventure when the weather gets iffy. My mother and I had been planning a cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico for the last couple of months. The week we were scheduled to leave, the weather forecast was predicting snow and ice. We made adjustments to our plans and arranged […]

Ancient Mayan Culture on the Yucatan Pennisula

Such a pretty place,

One of the most compelling things about travel to me is that no matter how carefully you’ve planned and studied your destination, it will always surprise you. I arrived in Cancun on September 14th and was met at the airport by my gracious host/driver/guide, Carlos, for the transfer to my hotel inside the Chichen Itza […]